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Ethylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluid

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Avtohlamu - Ethylene glycol heat transfer fluid engineering toolbox. Specific heat capacity, viscosity and specific weight of a water and ethylene glycol solution vary significantly with the percent of ethylene glycol and the temperature of the fluid properties differs so much from clean water that heat transfer systems with ethylene glycol should be calculated thoroughly for actual temperature and solution. Ethylene glycol inhibited heat transfer fluid. Ethylene glycol heat transfer fluid and antifreeze 60°f to 350°f ethylene glycol products offered by dynalene can be used in various applications we offer products for the temperature range 60°f to 350°f with ph stability and superior corrosion protection for steel, copper, brass and other metals. Wintrex® houghton. Wintrex ® heat transfer fluid is an inhibited ethylene glycol designed for use in hydronic systems for freeze and corrosion protection the effectiveness of wintrex ® heat transfer fluid in preventing corrosion has been proven both in use and in laboratory testing. Glycol heat transfer fluids ethylene glycol versus. Glycol heat transfer fluids ethylene glycol versus propylene glycol water is probably the most efficent heat transfer fluid known if it did not freeze, water would be the ideal heat transfer fluid for cooling applications when freeze conditions exist <35 f , ethylene glycol and propylene glycol can be added to water to provide. Truegard ethylene glycol inhibited heat transfer fluid 50. Heat transfer fluid formulation of ethylene glycol and a specially designed package of industrial corrosion inhibitors this fluid is dyed fluorescent pink for leak detection solutions in water provide freeze protection to below 60 degrees f and burst protection to 100 degrees f suitable appl. Propylene glycol and ethylene glycol heat transfer fluids. Thermalcool® is the ethylene glycol based heat transfer fluid manufactured by thermal fluids and is widely used in closed loop heating and cooling systems where there is no possibility of incidental contact with humans, food, or beverage products. Heat transfer fluid petro florida. Petroflo hvac 511 heat transfer fluid antifreeze ethylene glycol based heavy duty 50 50 prediluted ready to use $ 1 00 $ 4 00 petroflo hvac 511 heat transfer fluid antifreeze ethylene glycol based heavy duty full strength concentrate. Dowtherm TM sr 1, dow chempoint. Ethylene glycol based fluid 95% fluorescent pink efficient heat transfer operating range: 20 to 250° f for heat transfer 60° f for burst protection offered in various package sizes and blends dowtherm sr 1 25% dowtherm sr 1 30% dowtherm sr 1 35% dowtherm sr 1 40% dowtherm sr 1 45% dowtherm sr 1 50% dowtherm sr 1 60% product specifications. Propylene glycol based heat transfer fluids. For many heat transfer applications it is necessary to use a heat transfer fluid with lower freezing point than water the most common antifreeze fluid ethylene glycol must not be used where there is a chance of leakage to potable water or food processing systems in food processing systems the common heat transfer fluid is based on propylene glycol. Heat transfer fluids dow chemical company. Ethylene glycol home monoethylene glycol meg , diethleyene glycol deg , triethylene glycol teg and tetraethylene glycol tetra eg , due to their low freezing point, freezing point depressant and high boiling point are predominantly used in heat transfer fluids.

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Ethylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluid

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